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“I used to be in charge of vice, vice for the whole city, and, you know, best job I’ve had in my life,” stated Lincoln Plowman. He also said he used public money to drink and have hookers rub up on him. Well I worked with the guy for the minute that he commanded Vice and he never drank. The only hooker he picked up was an African American transvestite. It was also the best looking street walker that night. Anybody who works Vice realizes that a dolled-up, street walking prostitute, is usually a man dressed up as a woman. When Plowman identified himself as a “police officer”, she-he pulled a knife on him. Plowman, if he knew anything about police work, could have shot the hooker. The tranny got out of the car and ran. We both lost him in the neighborhood. Another tranny that helps the police told us who he was. Plowman said he would get a warrant for him but never did. Honestly, Lincoln Plowman probably did not know how to file charges and from the conversations I had with him, he probably never did in the past.

Having a Vice unit is rare for police anymore. Plowman running his mouth as if he actually did undercover work makes the unit look bad. He freely admitted that he paid for his rank when he was on the sheriff’s department. Now that he’s gone, several people that have worked with him have stated that he was always doing the “gopher” jobs instead of being an actual cop. In other words, he was interested in making as much money as he could. The sheriffs have a great pension that either take your top three or five years of earnings and base your pension off the amount.

The Vice unit rarely goes into any of the strip bars. If a complaint is made on one, which is rare, we will investigate. Our largest complaint,  and one of the largest complaints in the city is the prostitution. Vice cops care more for the prostitutes than any of the concerned groups of the city. We screen every prostitute for human trafficking. We take reports when they report that they have been raped to us. They help us solve crimes. And we also arrest them.

Plowman can say what he wants but he was in Vice for a very short time. He should have gone back to the street to learn basic police work instead of being put in a specialized unit.

Good luck in your trial Lincoln. You must have done something wrong since you hired the most expensive, big named, attorney in the city. The jury will decide. Oh, if you get found not guilty, stay away from trying to be a cop again. It didn’t work too well the first time.



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  1. Very well spoken and agree on all points. He is literally on video accepting a bribe. There really isn’t much room for debate in my opinion at that point. It’s embarrassing to our Police Force/Vice who works very hard based upon the leads they are given, our city, and insulting to our intelligence. Plowman claims to have drinks on the city and have hookers rub up against him as if that is a perk to the job. Plowman, you are not doing your job if you have an arrogent and entitlement attitude like that. Shame on you.

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