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“I used to be in charge of vice, vice for the whole city, and, you know, best job I’ve had in my life,” stated Lincoln Plowman. He also said he used public money to drink and have hookers rub up on him. Well I worked with the guy for the minute that he commanded Vice and he never drank. The only hooker he picked up was an African American transvestite. It was also the best looking street walker that night. Anybody who works Vice realizes that a dolled-up, street walking prostitute, is usually a man dressed up as a woman. When Plowman identified himself as a “police officer”, she-he pulled a knife on him. Plowman, if he knew anything about police work, could have shot the hooker. The tranny got out of the car and ran. We both lost him in the neighborhood. Another tranny that helps the police told us who he was. Plowman said he would get a warrant for him but never did. Honestly, Lincoln Plowman probably did not know how to file charges and from the conversations I had with him, he probably never did in the past.

Having a Vice unit is rare for police anymore. Plowman running his mouth as if he actually did undercover work makes the unit look bad. He freely admitted that he paid for his rank when he was on the sheriff’s department. Now that he’s gone, several people that have worked with him have stated that he was always doing the “gopher” jobs instead of being an actual cop. In other words, he was interested in making as much money as he could. The sheriffs have a great pension that either take your top three or five years of earnings and base your pension off the amount.

The Vice unit rarely goes into any of the strip bars. If a complaint is made on one, which is rare, we will investigate. Our largest complaint,  and one of the largest complaints in the city is the prostitution. Vice cops care more for the prostitutes than any of the concerned groups of the city. We screen every prostitute for human trafficking. We take reports when they report that they have been raped to us. They help us solve crimes. And we also arrest them.

Plowman can say what he wants but he was in Vice for a very short time. He should have gone back to the street to learn basic police work instead of being put in a specialized unit.

Good luck in your trial Lincoln. You must have done something wrong since you hired the most expensive, big named, attorney in the city. The jury will decide. Oh, if you get found not guilty, stay away from trying to be a cop again. It didn’t work too well the first time.



Indiana State Capitol at the end of Market St,...

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I agree the plan worked. The goal of no violence and keeping the peace worked and even though it’s never popular to say the boss’s plan worked but it did. It shows that when the people running the city actually want to do something, they can make it happen. And yes the administration was very appreciative of all the officers that worked on their canceled day off and they told the troops. There were many officers that were working behind the scenes but the kudos go to the uniforms that were out there standing the corners, directing the pedestrian and vehicle traffic and also the uniform groups that monitored the young crowds when they let out of an event. The city owes the uniforms a huge thank-you. They did a great job. There were more white people attending the expo this year which was good to see in this 21st century.

Still there’s one area that goes ignored every year and it’s not the responsibility of the city police. During the concert at Legion Mall, there are vendors that pay the expo for space to sell anything from food to purses, clothes, musical CD’s, and movies. Why is this a big deal? Well about half of them are committing felonies by selling fraudulent items and pirated music and movies under popular name brands. The vendors that were selling these items are usually from a foreign country that funds terrorism. They have no identification, and are very quick to pack up and leave when they are exposed selling these fake goods.

Once again, why worry about this? Because it’s organized crime (possibly global) profiting off an Indiana state endorsed event. The Expo is not to blame for this but they were made aware of this last year. In order to produce these goods, an underground company is making them somewhere and not claiming them as stock. All the items sold were done with cash and no receipts are given out. That’s red flag number one. In Indiana, you have to charge sales tax and I am pretty sure none of these vendors paid the sales taxes that would go back to the state which brings me to my next point. The Legion Mall is on state property which  is the jurisdiction of the Indiana Sate Police. Several of those troopers work there for this event and get paid indirectly by the same taxes that the vendors do not charge the customers or pay to the state. They are also ripping off the poor people of the state since tax money provides them certain services. In defense of the state police, they don’t have units that deal with fraud and forgery in the counterfeit merchandise area. However the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has a unit that are pros at dealing with this kind of thing and I’m sure would help since they are already working that weekend.

The expo went the smoothest it ever has but let’s not stop there. Police the vendors by inspecting the merchandise. If the merchandise is counterfeit, confiscate it early and start an investigation. Pass a law where they can estimate a flat sales tax rate for the vendors to pay since most of them are cooking the books somewhere to not pay or avoid paying the taxes altogether. Just because it’s not disrupting the peace doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be enforced.

When I was a young cop, I, along with a couple other officers, caught a burglar after a foot chase. Back then I was still trying to figure out why certain people do things and didn’t realize that there were those that are just plain evil out there. I asked this burglar, who we caught kicking in the door of an old woman’s house, why he did it? I knew who he was and this was not his first burglary. I can still see his face telling me, “I just love kicking doors in.”  He also told me that it didn’t matter if it was an old woman’s house or not.

Fast forward about twenty years. This same person kicked in a old man’s door and killed him. Later he would be chased by police again but this time he shot Officer Jason Fishburn in the head forever changing his life. When I heard who did it, it didn’t surprise me. It was the same burglar Brian Reese that I had chased twenty years before. I had spoke to Officer Fishburn but did not know him well. Sadly, since he was such a piece of dung that the system continued to set free, I know Brian Reese better. I realized that I’m one of a handful of cops that know both.

Reese gets to rot in prison for the next 60 years for this action which means he will probably get to die with a bunch of other wonderful men around and I will be retired or even gone myself before ever having to hear his name again. The punishment did not fit the crime here but it never could.

Officer Jason Fishburn has been denied a full pension by the State PERF board when it was recommended that he receive 90 percent of it. Officer Fishburn is going to have difficulty living day to day for the rest of his life due to being shot in the head. The board never even met Officer Fishburn in person.  This a where people like the  Baptist Ministers Alliance of Indianapolis should prove that they are concerned about God’s children and make noise for this child of God who is in need right now. Instead they want to be loud mouths about how bad the police are because they have a captive audience in town at this time of the year and it’s almost election time. They supposedly are serving One that has given his life for them. Well Officer Jason Fishburn is still here but believe me, he gave his life for his community which included the loud mouths and even the waste that shot him.

Retired Sergeant Bowswer sent an E-mail to the Indiana PERF and I am reposting it here with an E-mail address which to send it. Please feel free to copy and send it also:

Please know that the citizens of Indiana are very displeased with your arbitrary and capricious decision to deny Officer Jason Fishburn his full medical pension. Officer Fishburn was gravely wounded in the course of his duties; he was shot several times, including in the head, by a fleeing felon.

Officer Fishburn will never recover to full function of his body and mind after this grievous injury. His only desire was to return to his duties as a police officer, but that will never be possible.

Yet, without even meeting Officer Fishburn, you cut his pension to the lowest amount possible. I know you would hide behind political answers if I asked you to explain why you made this decision, so I won’t bother.

Just remember, people are watching to see if you are going to correct this extreme miscarriage of justice.

Thank you for your attention



October 3rd, 1995 I was in my apartment with my future wife and another good friend. After only a couple of hours of deliberating, O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown  and Ron Goldman. I remember the feeling that the system failed and let us down. I was one of those that hoped that O.J. Simpson early on in the investigation did not do it. He was one of my favorite ball players growing up and everybody liked him. Still as the evidence grew then, as I still am, became convinced he was guilty.

Yesterday that same feeling came back when they found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder. Weird dynamics happen with juries and I’m sure they were exhausted from listening to all the testimony. Still they found Casey Anthony not guilty and there is a dead girl that she didn’t report missing that is still dead. Everybody wanted DNA and fingerprints. Well that isn’t going to be found on a rotting girls body especially in a swamp. People have been found guilty with a lot less evidence than they had in this trial. Circumstantially Casey did it. That’s all they needed to prove. These television shows like CSI are causing people (like the jurors) to expect miracles with these cases to prove the accused guilty.

The defense showed the jury that the family was dysfunctional. Every family, including mine, has some dysfunction in it. That was probably the easiest thing to find to play on the jury’s doubts. I don’t believe the father molested Casey Anthony. Another problem with trials is lawyers get to bear false witness as they did by throwing this out to the court. This was never proved but the poison statements still were floated around the court room.

I was surprised by the verdict as was the defense team in this case as they were in the O.J. case. Being declared not guilty by a jury does not mean a person did not commit the crime. As I said to my future wife and friend after the O.J. verdict, this story will not end well. Casey Anthony will get out soon and enjoy some stardom. She may even get a book deal. However, she is going to end up in a bad place ultimately since she has chosen to walk that path. She can now party as much as she wants since she does not have the burden of raising that little, dead girl anymore. I guess her plan worked.


Rob McKenna

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Washington States Attorney General Rob McKenna was just elected as president of the National Association of Attorney Generals. He called for stiffer penalties for traffickers and better protections for victims of human trafficking. This is a great goal and all and I hope he wasn’t just talking to hear himself talk. Still, here are a few suggestions that he could follow up on and maybe the results will be positive. I don’t know how much influence he will have over this but here’s where he can make a difference.

The cases of human trafficking are out there. If the Attorney General has any influence, get a nationwide training put together for prosecutors. Human trafficking cases around the country have been dropped or ignored due to prosecutor’s ignorance or fear of losing a case with these new laws. Each county prosecutor or district attorney should find a deputy prosecutor that is passionate and wants to do these cases. That person should constantly be educating themselves and being trained on human trafficking not only locally but globally.

The penalties are already out there for these crimes. If McKenna can find a way to hold judges accountable for not issuing maximum sentences then he will not need stiffer penalties. Prosecutors should not have relationships with judges. What I mean is they want to please the judge’s personal belief about a law and not what the law actually is. There are more judges,police administrators, and prosecutors that still do not believe that human trafficking is occurring since there are not a high number of arrests and cases being filed. When the prosecutors start taking more of these cases to court, more victims will come forward. There is a lack of confidence due to lack of cases.

On the protection of victims. The Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) provide for the victim’s needs and they do a great job at this. You can’t detain a trafficking victim or you will be putting them back in a confined situation. They have to be free to come and go. Most of these places are secure and there is rarely, if ever, an instance where a trafficker shows up. If they do, the victim let the trafficker know where she was staying. States usually don’t have a version of the witness protection program. Police budgets are strapped and once again having guards around a victim would be detaining them.

Lastly, vice crimes are being pushed aside due to budget constraints. Most departments do not enforce vice crimes since the criminal justice system places low priority on them. Prostitutes and the customers need to be aggressively pursued not just once in a while on a highly publicized sweep. To all the far leftys that attack me and believe all prostitutes are victims, if you want all prostitutes to become victims, then we will stop enforcing the prostitution laws. We will not stop trafficking if we get rid of these laws or stop enforcing them. That’s an official warning to keep trafficking from exploding in this country.

Yes she is very pretty and she’s probably intelligent.   Reema N. Bajaj an attorney in Illinois and according the the Illinois bar association, she has only had her license since November 2010. Apparently and allegedly the police got some information from E-mails in which they were able to charge her with prostitution. There is more to it that will come out later since they had to verify what she was doing.

Many people think what’s the big deal? Let her practice law. She denies that she did anything wrong but she is a lawyer and those are words you rarely here coming out of a lawyer’s mouth. You would hear, “my clients guilty”, before admitting wrong doing. She’s also an officer of the courts and has made an oath to uphold justice. Even if she is a defense attorney, she still has to behave honorably. Yes there are honorable attorneys. Even defense attorneys.

Here’s another problem with Reema doing prostitution. She adds to the culture that is trafficking people and children to prostitute. The same men that she was supposedly setting up her appointments with don’t give a damn if she was being forced into prostitution or not.

In defense of Reema, when she has to go before the Illinois disciplinary commission, she should play the sex card. Many of her male counterparts love to engage in meetings with ladies of the night/internet. Even the public defenders that defend both escorts and street walkers think it’s okay to break the law. They just get away with it more since it’s more difficult to go after the John (but not impossible).

Reema may lose her license to practice for a couple of years but she will get it back. Maybe one day if she goes into criminal law she’ll have to defend a prostitute that has been trafficked. Hopefully she will see that her actions have added to this culture. For those that think if prostitution was legalized, Reema wouldn’t have anything to worry about, are missing the point. If or even if the practice of sexual acts for money were legalized, more people would be forced into the lifestyle. And no government regulation won’t fix it either if it were legalized. They didn’t regulate Fannie Mae very well now did they? Even the countries where it is legalized there are difficulties regulating it. The big one is collecting the taxes since it’s mostly a cash business.

Good luck Reema with the speed bump you just hit in your life.

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A deputy down in Georgia made some disparaging remarks on the main outlet from communication these days. Officers find they walk a line that is a lot thinner than the blue line when they make ignorant remarks. He identified himself on his Facebook page as a captain working for the Barrow County Sheriffs Department. This is where, as a police officer, you can get into trouble. He definitely said some things that could be labeled as racist but they are his own opinion that he has made public. If he was posting off duty, the department could not discipline him fro the remarks. He does work for a sheriff’s department and most of those are very political and when you do something that embarrasses the sheriff, you will be departed.

This captain left by resigning which means there’s more to the story than just his Facebook postings. There’s always more to the story. He called President Obama a “Camel Jockey”. Fortunately, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t care too much for most politicians and I am not a fan of most presidents but I attack the policies or practices not the person. He should have known better than that. When a lawyer has a terrible case in court, he will attack the officer’s character and it’s a dirty game to play designed to make the officer feel terrible. Stay away from personal attacks and ignorant remarks when on social media. Why this generation documents their thoughts then broadcasts it to the world, I still don’t understand.

A supreme court case, Garcetti v. Ceballos547 U.S. 410 (2006), states that government workers, like police officers, do not have first amendment protections in the course of their duties basically. The captain would have been safe. If he posted something on Facebook while at work criticizing a decision by his department, he could be disciplined. Still the lesson here is police yourself when posting and do it off duty. If you do criticize the department and embarrass the bosses, they will find something else or way to get you. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened to this former captain.


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My grandma, who gets credit for telling me this, said that in the 1920’s to 1930’s, the government ran a campaign to get people to bathe more for health reasons. People just didn’t bathe much and they needed to be educated on the healthiness of doing so every day. The campaign went something like, “A Bath A Day…”  Eventually everybody changed their habits and now I bathe once a month whether I need it or not. Seriously tough, they actually made a change for the better of society.

In the above link, a British minister wants to dig deeper into the sexual grooming of children for trafficking purposes. I support and applaud him and feel he has his work cut out for him. The article also mentions a group of Asian men that were arrested in Derby England for grooming children as young as 12.

I was in training last week at a university in Florida. One of the instructors said that he was in Indonesia training a group of police officers about human trafficking and child sexual trafficking. Nineteen of the police officers were women police officers. The instructor got the feeling from the officers he was teaching that girls having sex around the ages of 14 and younger with grown men was not unusual or even shocking. The instructor then polled the women officers and found out that all 19 women had their first experience with a close adult relative around the age of 14. These are women police officers in that country. That means that there’s a pretty good chance that the male officers don’t think that it’s taboo either.

Yesterday I was talking to some wonderful ladies from Malaysia at the International Center here in Indianapolis. We were talking about human trafficking cases that were local and of course we started talking about the cultural problems like the one mentioned with the Indonesian police officers. Everybody agreed that changing a culturally way of thinking is extremely difficult. It’s especially difficult if it’s something that’s happening but also not brought into conversation. For example, I’ll use something that happened in this country and my family. Back about the same time the “Bath A Day” campaign came out, my Great-Grandma from an old German family, had her third child. Even though they knew back then that having a kid was stressful, they didn’t talk about it. Well she decided to plunge herself into a deep horse bath and kill herself. Sure there were other things going on in her life but now they know that post partum depression is a serious thing and was missed often back then and ignored.

We can’t solve the world’s problems but when it comes to kids (under 18) being exploited or a family member having their way with them, it needs to be unacceptable in any culture. Basically those governments need to find a way to establish “A Bath A Day” in their own countries and make the practice a norm and not the exception.

By the way, the first grandma mentioned is still going strong in her 90’s.

Prostitute c.1890

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In the above article, Nicholas Kristof points out that in America, we may have more of a problem of our own girls being sold on the street for prostitution purposes while the focus is on foreign girls being trafficked. They article mentions that the system punishes young girls and send them to detention centers. They also acknowledge that they can’t really answer why these girls don’t just run away from the pimp. Truthfully, the dynamics there are hard to describe since this pimp is usually her boyfriend. Also, the girl ran away from home for some reason and this is her base at the moment with the pimp.

While it’s not popular to say, not arresting these young girls would be a big mistake; even if it means they are in detention for a little while. If prostitution becomes decriminalized, which a a pimp would love, the pimp will know he will get her back. Kids run away from the guardian homes all the time that house them for running away. Also, the law will be used to protect illegal behavior. Next, not all girls are being forced by a pimp. Some girls are out doing the deed because they think they are grown up and independent and can make adult decisions. Any parent can tell you that a teenager ultimately gets to the point where they think they have the answer to life and grown ups just don’t get it. Not all prostitutes are victims. Some are addicted to drugs, money, or both and are using prostitution to feed the addiction. At least when the girl is locked up or in detention, they are being fed and away from the predators on the street. There is a sub-culture of Johns out there and they chat back and forth on the internet. Chances are you know somebody who has a dirty little secret of being with prostitutes. Their days will come.

Many towns and cities do not have the officers to combat prostitution, let alone the Johns. Bad budgets and small departments just don’t have the resources to fight illegal behavior that judges and society really don’t think is all that bad. Granted prostitution and patronizing a prostitute are not crimes of the century but it does lay the groundwork for kids to be prostituted and these crimes and organized crime are more and more going to the suburbs since they know there is less chance of the police intervening, which also means human trafficking will flourish when it come to girls being sex trafficked.

Cities and towns need a strong, aggressive fight against prostitution and yes they equally need an aggressive runaway or missing persons unit. The mixture of these two will combat girls, especially underage girls, being sold in your city. Organized crime on any scale, even at a pimp level, tries to fly below the radar. Aggressive police work can help combat this. That’s why you hear long time adult prostitutes that aren’t being trafficked complain and lie about the police that arrest them. It’s more about money to them and the traffickers. It has nothing to do with the morality of the issue. Lets save the girls but not give up the tools we already have.

By the way, the lawyers and public defenders that represent these girls in court need to stop seeing their clients in private settings and exchanging services. You all know who you are.

Ivory okimono 'See no evil', Japan, OJ366

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The Chicago Tribune in the above link is calling a copycat site of Craigslist. When Craigslist closed it’s erotic services section, there was definitely an increase in the ads on and our local paper Nuvo. Backpage and Nuvo took over where Craigslist left off as far as advertising electronically over the internet. They are definitely not the only sites out there, they are some of the cheapest though.

I don’t think is being honest when they say that they have invested millions and adding over a hundred people to screen for illegal ads. I don’t know how they can do this when Nuvo sells ads locally then send them on to They are not going to put the time in to doing a background on the person for whom the ad is for. Even though a quick background could be done, it would cost more than the ad. We’re back to what this is all about – money. Neither or Nuvo care about the fact that hundreds even thousands of arrests have been made off the ads that they sell to pimps and prostitutes. Yes there have been children that have been rescued from trafficking as a result of these ads but they are setting the stage for this to continue to happen.

The fact that they know that this is going on and ignoring it is disturbing. I guess since money is involved, they have an “Out of sight, out of mind” attitude. So that is where we come in to the picture. I will point out when arrests are made around the country. Trust me, there are a lot more than is being brought to the public’s attention since police reports don’t always tell off of which site the arrest was made. Also, expect an attack from the publications in some form or another. They have the ear of the “hobbyist” and hooker subculture. “Hobbyist” is what the John’s call themselves.

If you would like to contact Nuvo and ask them to remove the Escort, and Body Rubs ad, there information is here:

NUVO Newsweekly
3951 N. Meridian St.
Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46208

If you want to contact, you can do it by clicking on this link:

No matter what your attitude is towards prostitution, it shouldn’t be made easy by these sites just because they want to get rich. Tell the ostriches to get there heads out of the sand. They act like they want to fight human trafficking. Cut those ads. That would be a really good start.


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